At Zephyr, we believe a great fabrication partner is much more than making great parts. Our goal is to make working with us as easy as possible. Delivery schedules, organization, and in some cases, sorting parts into ready-to-assemble kits are logistical details that are as essential as the fabrication process itself. We take logistics very seriously. That’s why we have our own fleet of trucks to make sure we can deliver. But it’s more than just putting parts on a pallet and delivering them. We spend time making sure our customers have what they need to be as efficient as possible by delivering kits, assemblies, and packaged crates that are powder coated or finished and ready to go right into their production processes. We work closely with customers to understand their production needs so we can deliver in a manner that helps them utilize parts more effectively and efficiently.

  • Assembly:

We offer a variety of component, sub-assembly, and final custom assembly services saving you time and money. We’ll ensure your parts are ready to be implemented into your process as soon as they arrive.

  • Kitting:

Many of our clients ask us to assemble kits with parts we’ve created. We’ll organize the parts, build out the kits, and ship them ready for integration into your production process. We know mistakes cost you money and time, so we send pictures to document that everything in each kit is correct.

  • Custom Crating:

Shipping kits in a safe manner is always important. We want to make sure the parts are delivered fully intact and ready for installation. We also understand that there is a process our customers adhere to for installation on their end. We’re happy to build custom crates to make sure all the parts arrive intact and organized so our customers jobs are easier.

  • Delivery:

We have a fleet of trucks on call to help make local deliveries. We’re responsive and diligent about getting parts to our customers on-time. We understand the concept of ‘just in time’ delivery. We’ll schedule your delivery when you need it. We’ll even inventory your parts onsite until you’re ready.

We also work with a variety of local and national LTL carriers, as well as UPS and Fedex. If you have a preferred shipping company we’ll work with them as well.

Our bottom line: We know every customer has a specific process and method of doing business. Our goal is to learn as much as we can about your business so we can integrate seamlessly and efficiently. To do that effectively, we ask questions, listen, and adjust on our side to make sure it works for you.

Meet our Logistics Team