Frequently Asked Questions

I need to have a product made with 3/8” aluminum, do you have a laser that can cut aluminum this thick?  

We absolutely can process 3/8” aluminum and even thicker steel and stainless.  Please visit our materials processed page for more information Here and our Fabrication department capabilities page Here.

I think you can really help our company out, where can I go for more information and to get a quote?

We would be excited to look at your design and start building that relationship together.  Please contact us at and attach prints if you’d like. We’ll have one of our Relationship Specialists get with you right away!

I have an order I need to make an update to, who should I contact?

Your relationship specialist should be able to help you, but in a pinch, contact and someone will be glad to help.

I have a part that we’ve had another company make for years, and they just can’t keep up anymore.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any prints.  Are you able to help?

We have just the tools to take care of your need.  We can use our 3D scanner to capture your part, enter it into our drafting software and start breaking it down for you.  Our Innovative Design team is here to help, and we will even look for ways that may be able to improve.  It’s just part of what makes the Zephyr team a partner and not just a vendor.  For more information, see our Innovative Design page Here.