Powder Coating & Finishing

Powder coating and finishing are the icing on the cake. They are what your customer sees first, so they have to be right. Because they visually represent everything that goes into making your product the best quality final product available in your market, we make sure our powder coating and finishing utilize state-of-the-art capabilities with very high-quality results.


  • Powder Coating

We have two powder coating facilities to meet your needs with large batch ovens for oversized and heavy parts as well as a PACCAR-certified powder coating line with automated conveyor and wash line. Both facilities have in-house media blasting.

We control the powder coating process, so we can deliver on time. We make sure that all the way through to this final production phase, our commitment to quality never waivers by employing processes such as daily documentation, chemical resistance and cure checks, destructive testing, and panel submission upon request. Finally, we capture substantial efficiencies to save you cost and add value by managing all the logistics necessary to consistently deliver the high quality finished parts you have can count on from Zephyr.

  • Additional Finishes

We’ve developed strong relationships with local vendors to provide additional finishing services that may be needed. These other finishing services include: galvanizing, zinc plating, polishing, etching, and more. This means they deliver for us so we can deliver for you, and we manage it all for you. No longer do you have to chase your parts from one vendor to another hoping to make your production deadline. We deliver finished parts, ready for installation. Thus saving you time, money, and hassle. We approach your business like it’s our business.