Zephyr is a Power of Hope Partner!

//Zephyr is a Power of Hope Partner!

Zephyr is a Power of Hope Partner.

Come and experience the transformational power of HOPE!


3rd Annual Journey of Hope Dinner to Celebrate Over 1,000 Successful Program Graduates

Kansas City Metro Region (Aug. 3rd, 2018) – The Third Annual Journey of Hope Community Awareness and Benefit Dinner is being hosted November 15th at 6:00 pm at the DoubleTree in Overland Park.  It is hosted by Brothers in Blue Reentry, a faith-based cognitive education and values program serving and empowering incarcerated men, their families, and Kansas City communities and beyond since 2011.

This year, the Journey of Hope Dinner will recognize and celebrate the successful graduation of over 1,000 incarcerated men from the program – equipping each of them with the tools, education and positive values necessary for successful reentry into our communities. This achievement represents a savings to the State of Kansas of over $6.3 million in correctional costs alone. The evening will feature stories of transformation from those who have graduated from the program, as well as the families, professionals and community volunteers who support them. It is an incredibly positive and uplifting experience to hear first-hand how the lives of these men and their families have been healed and restored.

Brothers in Blue Reentry relies on the generosity of individual and corporate donors to deliver these important programs and services to inmates in the Kansas Department of Corrections. Corporate sponsorships and individual tickets are available and the evening will also feature a live and silent auction.

For more information, to buy tickets or to RSVP, please contact James Smith at: [email protected]

About Brothers in Blue Reentry

Brothers in Blue Reentry is a cognitive, faith-based education and values program conducted in partnership with the Kansas Department of Corrections. The program is designed to create transformative inner change within the inmates and equip them to be successful contributors to work, family and their community upon their release.

The outcomes and cost-effectiveness of the Brothers in Blue Reentry program are truly remarkable. The intensive cognitive and values education Brothers in Blue provides serves to reduce recidivism rates for its alumni to 13% – two-thirds less than the 39% overall state average. This means every 100 successful graduates from the Brothers in Blue Reentry program results in annual savings to the state of $633,646 in correctional costs. Since 2011, through the generous support from donors and the community, the 1,000+ successful Brothers in Blue alumni have saved the State of Kansas over $6.3 million dollars in correctional costs alone.

In addition to the compelling financial savings, men are transformed as they reenter our communities as givers instead of takers. Families are healed and restored, and the lives of their children are placed on a far more likely path to success and happiness. The overall benefits of the Brothers in Blue Reentry program to our society are wide-ranging and paid forward for generations to come.

To learn more about Brothers in Blue Reentry or to make a donation, please visit our website at: