Getting our Moooooo on!

//Getting our Moooooo on!

Kyle Hodges visits World Dairy Expo 2018!

I took the opportunity to learn more about the industry of one of my customers at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. I had a great time, and was blown away by all of the things I was unaware of in that industry. While I pay $2 for a gallon of milk once a week, I was completely unaware of the true scope of the dairy industry worldwide. From embryos and birthing, to raising and feeding, general care and waste management, to milking, bottling, and distribution, this place had it ALL!

I saw well-groomed cows being led, washed, and fed. It was a huge place with hundreds of exhibiting international companies were participating in the trade show. Some had massive farm equipment displays filling the Exhibition Hall as well the concrete lot outside.

Thousands of people gathered at the Expo during its 5-day run (Oct 2nd – 6th) from all over the world (I do not know how many different languages I heard). It was fun to explore how Zephyr can partner with and service companies in the dairy industry with our production capabilities. The Expo was interesting and educational, a time I will not soon forget.

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