2023 Chili Cook Off

//2023 Chili Cook Off

The 3rd Annual Zephyr Chili Cook-Off ignited taste buds and set the stage for an epic showdown! With 14 talented contestants vying for glory, only one could emerge as the Grand Champion!

From sweet to spicy, smoky BBQ to beanful delights, and even a tantalizing white Thai Chili, there was a fiery creation for every palate. If you couldn’t find a chili to tickle your taste buds, the jury might just question your Midwestern credentials!

The esteemed judging panel? None other than our cherished Zephyr employees! With a whopping 100 judges this year, the competition was as real as it gets!

Here’s the secret sauce we uncovered: To claim victory in this chili cook-off, your chili must not just stand out, but sizzle and pop! The scrutiny of our discerning judges is not for the faint-hearted.

So, who emerged triumphant in 2023? None other than our CTO extraordinaire, Ryan Portenier! With three consecutive wins, Ryan has firmly clinched the title of Zephyr Products’ Chili Champion! Congratulations to Ryan for his fiery reign over the Zephyr Chili Cook-Off for three glorious years!

Next year, we will be merging our KCMO plant cook off with our main campus cookoff. We must acknowledge the KCMO Chili Champion Schawn Heintzelman as well, as he has proven to be a fierce competitor! Next year, our 3-year reigning champion will be faced with this Chili Master threat for a show down of the ages! 🌶️🔥